Submission Guidelines

The North Carolina Law Review accepts submissions through Scholastica.  We strongly prefer electronic submissions through this system, but the North Carolina Law Review will also accept articles submitted via e-mail.  We also continue to review hard-copy submissions sent to the following address:

Executive Articles Editor
The North Carolina Law Review
UNC School of Law
Van Hecke-Wettach Hall
100 Ridge Road
Campus Box #3380
Chapel Hill, N.C. 27599-3380

Please note that the volume of articles we receive prevents us from responding to every submission.

Publication Guidelines

The North Carolina Law Review welcomes submissions by judges, professors, and practitioners.  All submissions should include a cover letter and conform to the 19th edition of the Bluebook.

Please note that we only accept student writing from current law students at the University of North Carolina School of Law.  We do not accept student pieces from students at other law schools.

In an effort to address the growing length of law review articles, the North Carolina Law Review has adopted a new policy limiting the length of articles we will accept or publish.  The Review will give preference to articles under 25,000 words in length—the equivalent of 50 law review pages—including text and footnotes.  The Review will not publish articles exceeding 40,000 words—the equivalent of 75 to 80 law review pages—except in extraordinary circumstances.

Expedited Review

In the event you receive an offer from another journal, we will consider expediting review of your article.  Please either submit a request via Scholastica, or email your request to [email protected].

If you choose to send an email, please include your name, phone number, a short title of the piece, the names of other publications from which you have received offers, and the relevant deadline.  Although we will try to meet your deadline, we can offer no guarantees given the volume of requests that we receive.

Regrettably, we are also unable to perform expedited reviews during our May or December examination periods or during the summer.

Addendum Submissions

We invite judges, professors, researchers, lecturers, practicing attorneys, and UNC students to submit pieces to the North Carolina Law Review Addendum.  Publication decisions will be made on a rolling basis.  The Editorial Board strives to reach decisions quickly.  Most authors will be notified of a decision within two weeks of submitting.

Professional articles should be limited to 15-20 manuscript pages in length.  Student pieces should be limited to 12-15 pages.  There is no limitation on subject matter or topic. Submissions on any and all topics of legal scholarship will be considered for publication.

More information is available at our Addendum Submission page.

North Carolina Issue

For information on submissions to the North Carolina issue of the Review, please visit the North Carolina Issue Page.