The North Carolina Law Review’s online supplement, N.C. L. Rev. Addendum, is published throughout the year.  Each Addendum article is accessible on the front page of the Review’s website, and links to Addendum are available on every page on the Review’s website.


We invite judges, professors, researchers, lecturers, practicing attorneys, and UNC students to submit pieces to Online Content Editor, Garrett Davis at [email protected].  Publication decisions will be made on a rolling basis. The Editorial Board strives to reach decisions quickly.  Most authors will be notified of a decision within two weeks of submitting.

Professional articles should be limited to 15-20 manuscript pages in length. Student pieces should be limited to 12-15 pages.  There is no limitation on subject matter or topic. Submissions on any and all topics of legal scholarship will be considered for publication.

Editing Process

Addendum articles will undergo a rigorous editing process to guarantee factual, grammatical, and Bluebooking accuracy.  The process will span several distinct phases over a seven-week period.  The editing process is designed to be both thorough and fast, to ensure that articles meet the most exacting academic standards while also reaching the readership quickly.  The editing process is as follows:

  1. Primary Editing (1 week): This phase is the only substantive editing phase in the editing process.
  2. First Author Revisions (1 Week): The author makes revisions to his or her piece.
  3. Cite Check (2 weeks): The cite check is thorough, with the same exacting requirements as our print edition.
  4. Second Author Revisions (1 Week): The author makes additional edits to his or her piece based on the cite check.
  5. Proofing (1.5 weeks): This phase is the same as the Book Proof phase in print editing.
  6. Final Author Review (4 days): The edited article is sent to the author for one final quick review.
  7. Publication

Additional Information

For additional information about Addendum, the online editing process, and the Review’s publication guidelines, please contact our Online Content Editor at [email protected].