North Carolina Issue

Survey of North Carolina and Fourth Circuit Law

The North Carolina Law Review’s annual Survey of North Carolina and Fourth Circuit Law embodies its commitment to support the practicing attorneys, lawmakers, and judges of North Carolina. By devoting an entire issue to North Carolina legal topics each year, the Review provides a unique service to its readers and advances the larger mission of the School of Law as a public institution. Its annual Survey seeks to combine academic scholarship with practical experience in a format that few other legal journals attempt. The Survey is a tradition of which the Board of Editors is very proud. The Survey contains scholarship authored by students, academics, and practitioners on relevant North Carolina topics. The North Carolina Survey issue is published annually as the Review’s sixth issue.

Author Submissions

We welcome drafts of articles, detailed abstracts, and research proposals on topics in any subject area directly impacting the North Carolina legal community. We currently are accepting submissions on a rolling basis for the North Carolina Survey issue. Please email submissions or questions to [email protected].

Suggest a Topic

Because the Review seeks to develop current content that impacts the North Carolina legal community, it welcomes members of the state bar to suggest topics on which the Review’s staff members may write. If you would like to suggest a topic for inclusion in the Review’s Survey, please send an email to [email protected] with your suggestion. The best topics are those that specifically describe a legal issue and its importance to the North Carolina legal community.