About the North Carolina Law Review

The North Carolina Law Review, a student-operated journal, serves judges, attorneys, scholars, and students by publishing outstanding legal scholarship and furthering the intellectual climate of the University of North Carolina School of Law.  Through its collaboration with the legal community, the Review provides timely and thought-provoking commentary for people of North Carolina and the nation.

In addition, the Review trains its members in intensive legal research, analysis, and writing, thereby preparing them for the rigors of legal practice and public service.  The Review belongs to the entire School of Law community and accepts the responsibility of enhancing the school’s reputation and academic environment.

From the Editors

The Review has pursued this unchanging mission since 1922.  The Editors of Volume One of the North Carolina Law Review described the mission of the Review in some detail:

It is hoped that this Review may be of service to the law students, the law teachers, the members of the bar, and to the judges upon the bench, and, through them, to the people of the state.

To the faculty of the School, the Review will be an added incentive to systematic research in the state law and a medium for the publication of the results achieved.  To the members of the bar and the judges upon the bench, the Review will make available, in the form of leading articles, editorial notes and comments, discussions of important legal problems, statements of the significance of outstanding recent state and federal decisions, and historical accounts of the development of distinctive topics and doctrines of North Carolina law.  In other words, the Review will carry to the active members of the legal profession, the work the School is doing in tracing the development of law in North Carolina and in the country at large.

As a supplement to the routine daily class work of the School, it will afford to the second and third year students, a means of intensive training in legal writing.  To them, the independent experience . . . in the analysis, investigation and critical discussion of current problems in North Carolina law will be invaluable.  As the Review goes into volumes year by year, it will constitute a collection of reference materials on the local law, of definite value as collateral readings in connection with class discussion.

– Excerpt from Editorial Notes, 1 N.C. L. Rev. 31 (1922).

The North Carolina Law Review is a distinguished and cherished institution, of which its members are very proud.  We hope all members of the legal community can benefit from our work.