“Another Competitive Enterprise”: A Balanced Private-Public Solution to North Carolina’s Forensic Science Problem

BY Kavita Rani Pillai

Part I of this Comment details the state of the forensic science system in North Carolina, as well as the potential ramifications that have yet to be fully realized. Part II describes the primary solution—independence of forensic laboratories—and argues why incorporating a burgeoning forensic science industry will be key in eliminating bias. Part III discusses the need for government-required accreditation and uniform best practices. This part also examines how these suggested reforms will help in the absence of strong legal standards of admissibility, as well as why these proposals will do more to fix the system than tightening legal evidentiary rules. Finally, Part IV will address some concerns regarding an approach that utilizes private sector labs to perform work for the government in criminal cases.

DOWNLOAD PDF | 90 N.C. L. Rev.253 (2011)