Mapping the World Wide Web: Using Calder v. Jones to Create a Framework for Analyzing when Statements Written on the Internet Give Rise to Personal Jurisdiction

BY Alexander B. Punger

In March 2007, Kathy Sierra, a well-known game developer and blogger, was scheduled to present at the Etech conference in San Diego. Instead of leading her workshop, Sierra locked herself inside her home and was afraid to leave. Sierra cancelled her appearance at the conference because she was the victim of a harassment campaign conducted over the Internet. Her tormenters sent death threats, posted threatening images, and published Sierra’s personal information such as her home address in Colorado and her Social Security number. Sierra believes bitterness towards women with high profiles motivated the attacks against her. Sierra failed to discover the identities of her harassers, but one photograph was traced to a computer owned by Alan Herrell, a tech consultant in Arizona who denied making the image. Sierra gave up blogging because of the attacks.

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