Holding on to Fundamental Rights is No Walk in the Park: Challenging the Constitutionality of the Park Ban Upheld Standley v. Town of Woodfin

BY Emily E. Reardon

Imagine the perfect day when the sun is shining, the air is cool and clear, and the only plans for the day involve walking through town to attend a cookout with friends in the middle of the public park. Or maybe picture the day of the town’s long-awaited baseball tournament, when all town citizens are welcome to travel into the park and enjoy the open spaces and atmosphere with fellow residents. These experiences involve activities most people enjoy doing, yet nevertheless take for granted. But for some residents of the town of Woodfin, North Carolina, imagining the events described above is as close as they may come to the actual experiences. For those residents, the “doors” to the parks have been closed, and the “Keep Out” signs have been duly posted. And for those residents, this may only be the first step toward further exclusion from public gathering places and perhaps from society at large.

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